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FV PP-RCT fittings for butt welding

FV PP-RCT new generation pipes utilize the excellent properties of PP-RCT in all-plastic and multilayer pipes. The PP-RCT material achieves the same, or better pressure and temperature resistance in pipes with the lower wall thickness, as PPR pipes.

And what are the main advantages of the new generation pipes?

  • 20% greater flow profile compared to PPR pipes.
  • Time-proven polyphase welding method as PPR. 
  • Higher operating temperature range for "HOT" or "COOL" use.
  • 3 times lower thermal expansion than PPR tubes (FV PP-RCT FASER and FV PP-RCT STABIOXY).
  • Life service of more than 50 years.
  • PV PP-RCT pipes are offered in 5 modifications.

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