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15 year warranty

15 year warranty for the product FV PPR system and damage events up to CZK 2 million


  1. FV PPR system designed for drinking and hot utility water distribution and heating is made up of polypropylene type 3 (PP-R) pipes bearing an appropriate imprint with the manufacturer name FV Plast, a.s., and welding fittings made of the same material with an embossed seal with the company logo.
  2. The high quality level of PV PPR system is guaranteed by the exclusive use of the time-tested original granules and high quality processing of these materials using state-of-the-art technology and foreign know-how, including years of authentic experience of applying this system in practice.
  3. The dimensions as well as mechanical and physical properties of the pipes and fittings comply with the standard ČSN EN ISO 1587.
  4. Compliance with the strictest quality requirements is guaranteed not only by the statutory approval of the products by the state testing laboratory and own extensive testing, but also by the ongoing quality control of the products.
  5. Polyfusion welding of the pipes with fittings using FV Plast polyfusion welding machines guarantees the highest operational safety and creates reliable pipe connections.


This warranty statement only becomes valid subject to the following conditions:

  1. The assembly was carried out based on a quality project, including hydraulic calculation and calculation of service life of the system of at least 10 years, with the safety factor of at least k = 1.5 for water distribution and k = 2.5 for heating, depending on the dimensions and type of the used material.
  2. The original FV PPR system parts were used during the assembly.
  3. Features of other systems may also be used in exceptional cases. In these cases, written consent of FV-Plast, a.s is required.
  4. When handling materials used for the assembly, the principles of storage and transport of plastic products have been followed (see ČSN 640090).
  5. The staff of the company that carried out the assembly were properly trained in welding of plastics and had a valid welding certificate (ZK 15 P2) at the time of the assembly, and adhered to the assembly procedure of plastic water pipes and the installation instructions of FV Plast.
  6. The documentation on the takeover of the work by the investor must include, among other things, a valid report on carrying out a proper pressure test and a duly completed warranty statement, the terms of which are an integral part of the warranty statement.
  7. During operation, the maximum values of water temperature and pressure, for which service life of the system has been calculated, have not been exceeded (see Table of type 3 polypropylene operating conditions).
  8. Damages resulting from defects in the used material were notified in writing to FV Plast not later than 14 days after the discovery thereof.

This warranty statement will not become valid, among other things, in these cases:

  1. A plastic external threaded reducing coupling was used in cases where the length of the inner thread of the counter piece was less than 2/3 of the plastic thread.
  2. A counter piece sealed with a sealing material other than Teflon tape (e.g. cannabis) was mounted inside a metal inner thread reducing coupling.
  3. A metal inner threaded reducing coupling was tightened by tools other than those described in FV-Plast assembly instructions.
  4. When welding pipes with fittings, welding attachments with the dimensions other than those specified in the standard CSN EN ISO 15874 were used.


  1. For the above-mentioned FV-Plast installation system, we provide replacement free of charge for defective material, for a period of up to 10 years since commissioning.
  2. We compensate damages of up to CZK 2 million per one damage case, namely for a period of up to 15 years since commissioning, by means of statutory liability insurance which covers damages to persons or things, as well as the necessary installation and dismantling costs, if these were caused by a defective pipe or defective fitting of FV PPR system.
  3. This warranty is valid throughout Europe. 


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