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I am a designer

Are you a designer searching for the right thing for your project? Do you require long-term service life, high quality at an affordable price? Then you are in the right place, on the website of FV-Plast. We are specialists in the production and related development of pressure plastic systems for drinking water and hot utility water distribution, central and floor heating. Work with the best and most affordable material on the market. You will leave not only a good impression, but also quality work.

Why opt for FV-Plast products?

  • We are a traditional Czech manufacturer
  • Our goal is to enable the most effective and reliable installation of water distribution pipes and heating
  • We offer products of a high quality, we provide 15-year warranty
  • We know what plumbers and their designers want and need
  • Our products are also renowned abroad

If you want to use multilayer PPR pipes, fibreglass reinforced and with service life of more than 50 years for your project, or if you would rather opt for material to change the direction of the piping system like metal threaded PPR elbows, then you will certainly choose from our product range. Water flow can be closed or regulated with the help of, e.g. spherical plastic taps or direct plastic valves. An essential part of a well-functioning water distribution system or heating is quality sealing and reliable fasteners.

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