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Precise quality control of our products

Everything we do in our company is adapted to the requirement that water and heating systems should work in the homes and offices of the customers perfectly and without problems. Our work is done perfectly when it's unnoticeable to the customers.

We consider our emphasis on quality to be the foundation of our success. We use exclusively European, top quality materials, which are checked in our own specialist testing laboratory together with the resulting products.

Quality control is the most important thing for us

Why you can rely on us

Quality is not just a blank word for us. In our company, it is based on equipment and maintenance staff, made up of true professionals. And they guarantee trouble-free production. Our staff have modern machines, and can manufacture even the most sophisticated products. Throughout the entire period of our existence, flawless manufacturing equipment has been one of our primary tasks.

Under the Construction Act, compulsory certification is required for our products. The authorized person, which is the Institute for Testing and Certification from Zlín, has taken the appropriate steps and issued a time-bound certificate. Thanks to it, we can continue our production. The authorized person has been performing random sampling checks at our factory and at our retailers throughout the entire period of the certificate validity.

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