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Graphic sources and text features

Do you need FV PLAST logo? Below you will find all the logos FV PLAST in colored modifications and formats to download. Check our manual, that will show you all samples of application, colors, structure and used fonts.
Colored logos
cmykai171.04 KB
cmyk_1eps463.61 KB
cmyk_2pdf245.37 KB
cmyk_3wmf1.42 KB

Black and white logos
grayscaleai166.42 KB
grayscale_1eps460.33 KB
grayscale_2pdf237.46 KB
grayscale_3wmf1.42 KB

Complete FV PLAST logos

You can´t miss red color

  • Innovated fleet trucks are guarranty that all our customers will get their orders in time and on correct address.
  • As a part of our effort to improve quality the fleet trucks has been added by vans for domestic market and by this occasion also dressed in a spirit f a new marketing project. Our employees provide regular and special supply all contractual customers in the territory of the Czech Republic and a part of Slovak Republic.