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FV Plast brings a product which make life more convenient to its customers. Everything, what we are doing in our company, we dedicate to the aim of the best installation and function of water and heating systems. Without having our customers to feel it noticed. Therm we get to know that we are doing our job in the best way.

We are ranked among the leading producers of plastic systems in the Czech Republic, especially systems of water and heat distribution. We developed into the company with a significant position in the domestic market, However, we are also highly appreciated in the world market. Watch sou videos to ger better knowledge on us and our products, as much as on our customers, which we are trying to do our best for.


We are always trying to support professionally skilled workers in the best way. Regularly we public instruction manuals, which you can get to know, how to handle materials as much as what instruments and accessories are the best and effective for a work with our product.

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