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commercial house Piano

Unmistakable appearance, timeless modernity, atmosphere, frugality that reduces operating costs, certification of an environmentally friendly building and comfort - these are the main attributes of the PIANO project in České Budějovice, designed by the largest Czech studio with international CMC architects.


In the Příbram Regional Hospital, specifically in the maternity hospital building, we implemented new water distribution systems. We used our certificate and a reliable PV AQUA system. The biggest advantage of this plastic piping system is the resistance to corrosion, overgrowth and incrustation. Thanks to this, the pipeline is problem-free and has a very long service life.

Athletic Stadium Pilsen

We implemented cold and hot water distribution in one of the most modern athletic complexes in the Czech Republic. The city of Pilsen had a brand new stadium built for the athletes and they chose us as a supplier of material for water distribution. Of course, we chose the FQU AQUA system. It guarantees quick and easy installation and is especially resistant to corrosion and overgrowth. It will serve the athletic stadium for many years without any problems. Such a modern complex deserves first-class water distribution!


New all-plastic fittings FV A-PRESS

New all-plastic fittings FV A-PRESS

All-plastic, slide-in, axial-press fittings made of PPSU. FV A-PRESS is a new product of the Czech producer of water, heating and cooling distribution systems. These fittings are all-purpose ones for all types of multiplayer pipes specified for water and heating distribution. Appreciable benefit...

We are succesfully exporting our products to China.

We are succesfully exporting our products to China.

We are succesfully exporting our products to China. This year we have attended famous chinese exhibition International Import Expo 2020, which took place from 5th to 10th November, 2020 in Shanghai.