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Beirut 2018

On October 17, 2018, our representative, the Kermezian Group in Beirut, organized a workshop for installers and construction companies. The main topics were the correct work with the system, the new pipes from PP-RCT and the new products among the fittings.

Quality Guaranteed CTI CR award

On 28 February 2018, our company was at the AQUA-THERM Prague 2018 Fair awarded the Quality Guaranteed CTI CR award, granted by the Heating and Plumbers' Guild of the Czech Republic, to products, services and education in the fields of heating, sanitation, water distribution, energy and construction.

Mark Quality guaranteed by the Heating and Plumbers' Guild of the Czech republic for the product Pipes PP-RCT HOT S3,2, SDR7,4 took over from Bohuslav Hamrozi, President of CTI CR a member of the Board of Directors of FV - Plast, a.s. Mr. Georgios Karadzos and Sales Director Ing. David Behner.

Aquatherm Kyjev

After the pause, FV Plast returned to the international trade fair Aquatherm Kiev. Visitors are most interested in systems that are associated with heating or renewable heat from soil extraction and its distribution.

FV MULTIPERT-AL. Ideal for drinking water distribution systems

Thanks to the modern materials, FV MULTIPERT-AL pipes are excellent for drinking and hot water distribution systems, and for rising mains. They have an excellent shaping ability and temperature resistance up to 95 °C.

FV PP-RCT HOT for hot water and heating distribution

These hot water and heating distribution pipes are suitable for heating radiators of all types up to the temperature 90 °C. Their 50-year service life and modern materials make them a clear choice for the installation of water mains and heating.

AQUA-THERM 2016 in Moscow

The exhibition AQUA-THERM 2016 in  Moscow opened its doors in day 2.2.2016 and company FV-Plast a.s. has stand on this important exhibition as the last year. Company FV-Plast a.s. pieced out the production range FV AQUA by completed series of pipes made from material PP-RCT. Company offer pipes FV PP-RCT UNI for distributions of cold and hot water, pipes FV PP-RCT HOT for distributions of hot water and heating systems, pipes FV PP-RCT FASER HOT reinforced with glassfibres, for distributions of heating systems and pipes FV PP-RCT FASER COOL, which are also reinforced with glassfibres, for distributions of cooling systems and air conditioning systems. The production range is completed with pipe FV PP-RCT STABIOXY with 100% oxygen barrier, which is for heating systems distributions. After last year's decline the company this year again expects growth of the Russian market.