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PF 2022

Dear business partners,

the end of the year is approaching, so we would like to thank you for the cooperation and support you have shown us.

In the middle of the year we became part of ALCA Holding. Thanks to this partnership, the company FV-Plast expects long-term development, investments in modernization of production, innovations and changes in the product portfolio in the area of living comfort and health.

We would like to wish you good health, relaxing holidays with your families and friends, feel COMFORTable wherever you are. We will take care of the rest of the year with the unique invisible FV COMFORT system for cooling, heating and ventilation all-in-one. We believe to have the opportunity to present it to you personnally at one of the Trade Fairs in 2022 in Prague, Moscow or Milan.

Use the rest of the year to recharge your energy for further work.

We look forward to cooperating with you in 2022.

Your FV-Plast