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Plastic water mains are not composed only of pipes and fittings

In order to meet one of its main criteria in relation to the customer (a wide and comprehensive range of products enabling high-quality installation if applied correctly), FV-Plast offers a number of accessories which it either manufactures or purchases and sells.

High-quality insulation significantly influences the costs of operation, particularly in the case of hot water distribution (but thermal insulation also has its importance for cold water distribution – it prevents e.g. condensation of water on the piping).

This table shows that insulating sleeve tubes made of foam PE are currently most suitable for polypropylene water pipes in terms of quality, ease of assembly and manipulation. FV-Plast offers a sufficient number of these tubes made by Tubex in various combinations of diameters and wall thickness. Even with accessories such as adhesives or connecting clips for those tubes that cannot be slipped onto the pipes, and insulation ending tapes. In order to ensure safe (particularly in terms of static stress) and good-looking piping, FV-Plast offers supporting and cable gutters and entire sets of suitable fittings for various methods of mounting and full sets of dowels.

When installing water distribution piping, particularly when connecting valves and fittings as well as while interconnecting individual distribution branches etc., threaded brass elements (extension, double nipples, reductions and fittings) are necessary. They are also included in the product range of FV-Plast in the necessary number of dimensions.

FV-Plast also offers a number of sealing components. Teflon tape (it is unacceptable and in conflict with the warranty terms to use cannabis as a sealing component for plastic transition components), sealings of various construction (flat, oblique, half-round and conical) and threaded plugs.

So-called movable connections forms a separate section as they enable flexible connection of flushing cisterns, faucets etc. They consist of an appropriate tube of an outer diameter of 10 mm (PPR for hot water, PE for cold water) of the necessary length (besides lengths listed in the catalogue it is possible – in the case of sufficient quantities – to deliver connections of any required length) and with the appropriate tip (threaded union nut 1/2», 3/8» or their combination).

Insulation typeEnergy loss
Energy savings
Operating cost savings
(CZK/year x m)
Insulation purchase price
Foam polystyrene113319149910
Foamed PE28404189837

Comparison of energy and operating cost savings in relation to the method of insulation of the PP type 3 ascending pipeline with a diameter of 40 mm, PN 16 during regular operation (flow rate 0.7 m3/h, cost of heat 150 CZK/GJ), at a water temperature of 55°C and temperature of the surrounding environment of 18°C.