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FV MULTIPERT-AL. Ideal for drinking water distribution systems

Thanks to the modern materials, FV MULTIPERT-AL pipes are excellent for drinking and hot water distribution systems, and for rising mains. They have an excellent shaping ability and temperature resistance up to 95 °C.

FV MULTIPERT-AL pipes combine the advantages of polyethylene and metal pipes. Their outer and inner sides are made of the modern PE-RT material, modified medium density polyethylene, which has excellent temperature and mechanical resistance. The AL layer, in turn, ensures the shaping of the pipe, as well as temperature and pressure resistance.

They have high inertness and chemical resistance to, e.g. chlorine compounds.

Pipes can be used for

  • Drinking and hot water distribution systems.
  • Rising mains.
  • Heating circuits for powering radiators of all types up to 80 °C.
  • Floor or wall heating and cooling circuits.

FV MULTIPERT-AL pipes are ideal for drinking water distribution systems. For hot water, they can be used up to 95 °C, thus creating a very reliable heating circuit.

The unrivalled advantages of these pipes are as follows

  • They do not affect the taste of drinking water.
  • PE-RT TYPE II has resistance up to 95 °C.
  • Perfect aluminium butt welding.
  • Serve as an oxygen barrier for radiators.
  • Highly flexible, with shape constancy.
  • Without chemical additives – ideal for drinking water distribution systems.
  • Unchanged hardness and impact resistance up to -40 °C.
  • High resistance to fracture and abrasion.
  • Low operating surface roughness (0.125 μm) to minimize hydraulic noise.
  • Minimum pressure drop.

Technical characteristics of the pipes

  • Operating temperature range -40-95 °C
  • Maximum temperature +95°C
  • Constant operating pressure 1MPa
  • Service life at 70 °C - 50 years
  • Service life at 50 °C - 100 year
  • Oxygen permeability 0 g/m3 per day
  • Longitudinal coefficient of thermal expansion 0.025 mm/m °C (e.g. extension of 30m hot water rising mains: Δl = 37,5 mm with ΔT = 50 °C)
  • Diameter 16 - 63mm

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