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FV PP-RCT UNI. New generation polypropylene pipes

At FV-Plast, we develop new materials to offer our customers not only the most modern, but also the most efficient solutions. These include our latest product. We would like to present one of the most modern, unparalleled pipes, FV PP-RCT UNI.

What makes these pipes so unique

Thanks to the modern PP-RCT material, PPR pipes have new features. The basis is the β-nucleation process that greatly improves the crystalline structure of polypropylene random copolymer PP. This allows the pipes manufactured therefrom to operate at higher wall pressure in the pipe even at elevated temperatures, with the same or lower thickness of the wall of the pipe.

These pipes can be used for

  • Drinking and hot water distribution systems in all types of buildings.
  • Compressed air distribution.
  • Industrial cooling water distribution system.

Another advantage of PP-RCT is the favourable life curves (isotherms). They are always linear along the entire length, while in the case of PP-R materials there occurs great reduction in pressure resistance and service life of the pipes at a temperature of more than 70 °C.

The unique FV PP-RCT UNI pipe has

  • 37% higher flow rate (compared to PPR PN 20 pipes)
  • Higher pressure resistance
  • Higher thermal resistance
  • New generation polypropylene PP-RCT
  • Minimum service life of 50 years
  • A single pipe can be used for both hot and cold water
  • Full weldability with fittings and PPR CLASSIC pipes

Technical parameters

  • Colour: Grey RAL 7032, green stripe
  • Wall composition: PP-RCT
  • Series “S”: S 3.2 (Ø 16 mm), S 4 (Ø 20-25 mm), S 5 (Ø 32-250 mm)
  • Standard dimension ratio (SDR): 7.4 (Ø 16 mm), 9 (Ø 20-25 mm), 11 (Ø 23-250 mm)
  • Longitudinal coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.15 [mm/m °C]

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