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As usual, czech company FV Plast was not missing in the list of exhibitors at AQUATHERM Kyiv that is the largest and best-known trade exhibition in Ukraine for the heating, water supply, plumbing, ventilation, air-conditioning, pools, saunas, and spas. FV Plast presented a wide range of water and heating system products, including demonstrations of use on exhibition panels and accompanying videos about the company and its production. Visitors could see plastic pipes, fittings and valves for pressure distribution of hot and cold tap water, heating and air from materials PPR, PP-RCT, PE-RT, PE-Xa and HDPE RC. In addition to its permanent range, the company introduced a new product – the surface cooling and heating system FV KLIMA - the unique system of flexible aluminum registers, cooled by an 8 mm polybutylene pipe, which can be used in combination with plasterboard panel ceilings or walls as well as with acoustic ceiling panels.

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